Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome Message

I am very pleased that our school motto is “A Great Place to Learn.” As a school, we will relate to one another in ways that promote success and excellence. With Jesus as our guide, the home/school/parish partnership is crucial in the goal of making our school a great place to learn. As a staff, we look forward to working with you to provide a high quality Catholic Education to our students and having a successful and positive year. I hope to promote and maintain a positive environment so that students can learn and grow in their faith.

Monthly assemblies will occur to highlight this year’s school faith focus (i.e., Catholic Social Teachings) and encourage the development of virtuous behaviour over the course of the month. Student awards will also be given at the end of each month to recognize students who have done an exemplary job modeling exemplary behaviour. Families are encouraged to discuss the monthly goals with their children to help reinforce our partnership.

Together, we will continue to build a culture of acceptance and belonging within the school so that each student can have a sense of belonging within our community. The use of “Restorative Practices” at our school will engage learners and enable them to achieve to their true potential. The “St. Luke Peacemakers” will continue their good work in resolving conflicts as they arise. Staff will receive training on “Restorative Practices” to maintain an effective learning environment. Students will also receive age appropriate training so they understand why positive and respectful relationships are beneficial to all.

Mr. Adrian De Tullio

Catholic Social Teaching Montly Awards Chart.pdf