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Catholic Education Week
Catholic Education Week 2018 Catholic Education Week 2018

Catholic Education Week 2018

The new school year offers us an opportunity to reflect upon our personal, professional and spiritual growth and to set some new goals.

The theme chosen for the upcoming 2018 Catholic Education Week is:

Catholic Education: Renewing the Promise
L’éducation catholique: Renouveler la promesse

Catholic Education Week is held each year in May in our 29 Ontario Catholic school boards. It will run from May 6 – May 11, 2018.

The theme for CEW 2018, Renewing the Promise, draws upon previous documents on Ontario Catholic education, namely, “This Moment of Promise” (1989), “Fulfilling the Promise” (1993) and “Our Catholic Schools” (2006-2007). These three documents, while several years apart from each other, all speak of the unique mission of Ontario Catholic education, the importance of its shared leadership by all those involved in Catholic education and the critical role of Catholic education in contemporary society. For 2017-2018, these issues are further explored via an electronic survey that was organized by the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) that will lead to a gathering of the Catholic community in the Fall of 2017. From the discussions that emerge for this summit, the Ontario Bishops will be producing a new statement on Ontario Catholic education, “Renewing the Promise,” which is expected out in the Spring of 2018. Catholic Education Week 2018 combines the themes of reconciliation, solidarity, love, justice and ecology.

The sub-themes for Catholic Education Week 2018 are as follows:

Monday: Remembering the Promise
Faire mémoire de la promesse

Tuesday: The Promise is Within You
La promesse est en toi

Wednesday: Praying the Promise
Prier la promesse

Thursday: Living the Promise
Vivre la promesse

Friday: Proclaiming the Promise
Annoncer la promesse