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Faith In Action Catholic Services

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St. Luke Christian Service

Over the years, the students of St. Luke have strived to keep their hearts open to the sounds of the needy and the voice of God. Through various teacher inspired, and student led, initiatives the school has raised money for several Free The Children initiatives. Our students were inspired after hearing the story of the Free The Children Founder Craig Kielburger, and further visits from Free The Children representatives only solidified our desire to act. Over the past four years alone, the students and staff have raised money for a well in Sierra Leone and a school in Sri Lanka.

Our journey with Free The Children began when we were privileged to meet Maddie Babineau’s mother Sharon. Sharon introduced us to the fantastic works her daughter started with Free The Children before her death. Maddie’s story galvanized the student body and pushed them to start our mission to help those in need. Further contact with other Free The Children representatives like Spencer West have given our students inspiration and taught them how to turn their desire to help into action. The school’s relationship with the Free The Children Foundation has flourished over the years and we were blessed to have the opportunity to allow Ms. Jacob to accompany four students to Arizona for a leadership conference. Last year, twenty students were also given the opportunity to tour the Free The Children offices in Toronto to learn how the organization we are so glad to be a part of works for those in need everyday.

Our students have grown because of the dedication of our staff and the students themselves. St. Luke was proud last year to offer the students more input into their good works. The students researched the needs of three distinct regions and chose which area they thought they could impact most. This year, St. Luke will be providing aid in the form of school supplies, medical supplies, and livestock to the people of Sierra Leone. We will chart our progress in our main hallway so that our students, and visitors to the school, will be aware of the progress of our good works.

In addition to our work with Free The Children, St. Luke is also active at home in our own community. Throughout the year the staff and students bring in canned goods to benefit The Good Shepherd. Christmas is a special time and the staff and students never forget that Jesus is a the centre of our Christmas celebration. To honour the true meaning of Christmas, St. Luke assembles Christmas hampers for the local community, and we create a Tree of Warmth to collect warm clothing for those in need. Our students are tireless in their efforts to help the community around them and their generosity is only surpassed by the creative ways in which they raise money, food, and awareness for the needy in their own backyard.

We at St. Luke feel blessed to have such socially conscious staff and students. Through our efforts, change has started in our school, moved overseas, and now we are seeing tangible results in the improved lives of those we have helped. We are proud of our accomplishments and are excited for what the future holds.